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If you are a grant facilitator or are otherwise involved in the grants process, this website is meant for you. This site will help you through the planning, preparation and submission of grants.

The goals of this site are to:

  • develop resources to help new facilitators become oriented to the grant facilitation role
  • provide templates and tools for all stages of the grant facilitation process
  • teach facilitators how they can harness technology to stay informed on funding opportunities and agency news
  • provide resources for facilitators to develop their administrative and project management skills
  • create a virtual network and a sense of community among grant facilitators

This site was created by a small team of grant facilitators at the University of British Columbia (UBC) dedicated to the research enterprise who recognized a need for a comprehensive, centralized information source for grant writing. We hope that facilitators outside the UBC community will also find this website useful, and we invite all grant facilitators, regardless of affiliation or geographical location, to help us make the website content applicable to as wide an audience as possible through participation and feedback.

Contribute to This Site

Your Participation & Feedback

We invite participation from all grant facilitators in order to create a virtual network and sense of community, and to expand website content and resources.

There are (at least!) eight ways to do this:

  1. Join the Facilitator Directory and update your profile
  2. Become a mentor / mentee
  3. Contribute to the list of social bookmarks (a shared list of website links that grant facilitators have found useful) via our Delicious account
  4. Attend grant facilitator meetings, training sessions, etc.
  5. Offer to present at / attend a brown bag lunch
  6. Suggest / attend a social event
  7. Contact the website administrators directly (with questions, content, resources, etc) by emailing
  8. In the Discussion Area section, post comments or questions for your colleagues and provide responses to questions

Contribute Suggestions & Resources

Site visitors can use the comment function, found at the bottom of most pages on the site, to provide feedback about the content of the page and / or share a resource (see Discussion Help for more information on how to post comments).

Broadening the Site’s Focus

We are particularly interested in broadening the focus of the website to include natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities. Please share relevant information, advice, templates and tools, and links to help us achieve this!

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