CIFAR Global Call for Ideas

CIFAR Global Call for Ideas will be launched on Monday, April 22 at:

It is CIFAR’s first call, and it is the new way for CIFAR to find program ideas.  CIFAR may hold similar calls every two years.

The Global Call for Ideas will consist of 2 states:

1. LOI: Letter of Intent

  • short 3-page LOI (no budget info required)
  • electronic form (online applications only)
  • focus on 4 criteriaSignificance; Potential; Excellence; Leadership
  • provide short CV/bios of team (~ 10 members)
  • room for up to 4 submitters (at least one should be Canadian)

Deadline: 7 June 2013 (Midnight EDT)

Result:  Six LOIs will be selected for development.

2. Proposal Development

  • Six LOIs will be selected to work with CIFAR to hold 1-2 workshops to refine the program
  • 10-15 people will clarify and strengthen the question
  • Identify research strategy and potential
  • Ultimately submit a 20-30 page proposal by 31 January 2014 (for 5 year program)

Result:  2-4 new programs will be selected by Global Idea Selection panel – partly drawn from CIFAR Research Council.

Funding which flows from adoption of a successful program is approximately $500K – $1.0M annually for 5 years (roughly $25,000/yr per each team member), and funding for 3 meetings of program team per year.

No funding for infrastructure, e.g. labs.

Team member can use their funding for teaching release, research assistance, etc. to enable work on program.  The funds are not a way of financing ongoing research.

Info contacts [following 22 April  launch]:
Pekka Sinervo and Denis Therien

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