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This Grant Facilitation website launched in September 2009. It is constantly evolving, and we are always looking at new resources and features that will assist members of the grant facilitation community to do their jobs.

Given the health-heavy experience and expertise of the site’s founders, it was inevitable that the content and resources developed for the website would be health-centred. Now that the site is live, we’d like to turn this challenge into an opportunity for the grant facilitation community!

If you are working in the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and/or humanities fields, we invite you to contribute content and/or resources to enhance the comprehensiveness and usefulness of the website. Please contact the website administrators directly by emailing team@grantfacilitation.ubc.ca.

Your Participation & Feedback

Get involved! Help us to build a virtual network of grant facilitators and continually enhance our website content and resources. See the homepage of this site for some ways in which you can contribute.

“Founding Facilitators”

This Grant Facilitation website was created by a small team of UBC grant facilitators who recognized a need for a comprehensive, centralized information source for grant writing for UBC-affiliated individuals.

Christy McTait, Ariadna Fernandez, & Natasha McCartney

Christy McTait, Ariadna Fernandez, & Natasha McCartney

Ariadna Fernandez

Ariadna Fernandez is a Research Program Manager for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Children’s and Women’s Hospitals. She is involved in many different aspects of research and research adminstration, including grant facilitation.

Natasha McCartney

Natasha McCartney is a science writer at the Centre for Health and Environment Research. She is interested in searching for ways to use technology to improve her trade. Natasha and Ariadna’s regular communications about grants sparked the creation of the UBC Grant Facilitation website.

Christy McTait

Christy McTait is an Internal Review Officer with UBC’s Health Research Resource Office (HeRRO).  She connects researchers in the pursuit of high-quality, competitive and, ultimately, successful grants. Her extensive knowledge of the UBC research environment and networking savvy made her an ideal addition to the team.

Funding & Support

Thank you to the funders of the UBC Grant Facilitation website:

Health Research Resource Office BC Environmental and Occupational Health Research Network

The following groups contributed to the development of the website:

Thank you to our project sponsors:

  • Dr. Janice Eng, Health Research Coordinator and Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
  • Dr. Martin Kirk, Director, Office of Research Services

Thank you also to our content reviewers:

  • Alison Ariss, Research Development Office, ORS, UBC
  • Eric Jandciu, Research Coordinator, Science Journalism Research Group, UBC
  • Dr. Tanya Wahbe, Research Capacity Development Officer, BCEOHRN, funded by MSFHR

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