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In April 2009, the UBC grant facilitator community was invited to participate in a survey about the development of this website. One of the open-ended questions asked, “What would enable you to perform most effectively?” The majority of responses spoke about the need for a virtual support network to build community, and encourage communication and knowledge sharing among grant facilitators:

  • “build a community of grant facilitators”
  • “network and make connections”
  • “forum for continued communication specific to grant facilitation”
  • “supportive team environment with complimentary talents rather than working solo”
  • “consolidating information and knowledge from all the grant facilitators”
  • “network of grant facilitators that have experience / expertise with specific funding agencies / competitions that can be readily consulted for advice / tips”
  • “collaborative website where all grant facilitators could upload examples / templates and post information and get feedback from the larger community”

Though initiated at UBC, this website is intended for all grant facilitators regardless of affiliation or geographical location. We welcome all facilitators to get involved in their online community and help fulfill the needs clearly expressed above. Get started by creating a profile in the Facilitator Directory.

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