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Responses to “Discussion Area”

  1. Theresa says:

    Hello everyone,

    Just wondering whether anyone knows of possible funding sources that will cover a faculty member’s reduced salary during sabbatical (8-12 months) in Germany?

    Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks!!

    Theresa Liao
    Physics & Astronomy

    • Linda Leathley says:

      If you are looking internally, the VPRI is responsible for the Killam Faculty Fellowships. This is basically a $10,000 top-up for sabatical leave and includes a $3,000 research expense portion. You didn’t say when the person was going on sabatical so the timing may not be right. Please check the award section of the VPRI webite.

    • Robert Olaj says:

      Hi Theresa,

      The Humboldt Foundation offers research fellowships for researchers in any discipline who wish to work in Germany. The fellowships include a stipend of 2450 EUR/month + 500 EUR per month for research expenses; 6-18 months duration. Not exactly salary support, but it helps…Check out their web site: http://www.humboldt-foundation.de/web/humboldt-fellowship-experienced.html
      The host institution in Germany must provide a scientific statement confirming the availability of facilities.


      • Theresa Liao says:

        Thanks Linda and Robert! I think the faculty members did mentioned the Humboldt Foundation, so we will look into that. I will also ask him to consider the Killam fellowship – the timing mind be right since he is applying in Sept and will do his sabbatical in 2011.

        Thanks again~

        Theresa Liao

  2. Merrilee says:

    An idea for a grant facilitator meeting…Would anyone find it helpful to get someone from UILO to go over MOUs and agreements for research studies. In particular, review the process of getting contracts through the UILO, who does what in the UILO, and tips to minimize the lag time for getting materials approved through the UILO?

    • Robert Olaj says:

      Hi Merrilee,

      Great idea. I know that when anything that looks like a contract or agreement comes my way, I call UILO and they take over, but I’m not really sure what goes on after the documentation leaves my hands. What can we do to make things run more smoothly? What kinds of things do we as facilitators/research development folks need to be alert to?
      One thing I’d like to now is why UILO does not require approval from the PI’s Faculty before they forward a signed contract to the sponsor (anyone have any ideas?). Project details that may impact the home Faculty can change between the initial grant proposal (on which we are required to provide sign-off) and the contract that UILO develops and submits to the sponsor.

      • Christy says:

        We’re so pleased to see people using the Discussion Area. As a result, it looks like we’ve got a topic for the next GF meeting or, rather, the one after Jacqueline and Alison’s meeting gets rescheduled. Thanks, Merrilee and Robert!

        This also provides a good opportunity to circulate a reminder about posting comments to the website. All of the discussion feeds and anything else posted on the website are ‘open’ documents and accessible to the public via Google search. Therefore, it is important to be careful about content and keep our comments generic, omitting confidential and/or identifying details. The website team will do its best to help with this by monitoring the content of comments from the community prior to approving them.


  3. Valerie Ball says:

    Hi All,
    I worked at UILO with the patent portfolio for a number of years – let me know if I can help when it comes time to set something up. The clauses they usually have to clarify with the sponsor tend to be legal obligations imposed on UBC (such as indemnity) rather than aspects that affect the Faculties. If there is a disconnect I’m sure they would like to hear about it.

    We’re posting this notice to let you know that the NCE program has two important upcoming deadlines for LOIs:

    Sep 15, 2010: LOI for the 2011 NCE-Knowledge Mobilization networks competition

    Nov 24, 2010: LOI for the 2012 Main Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) networks competition

    Please let all of your faculty members know about these competitions, and contact Alison Ariss about any UBC-led or UBC-partnered applications.

  5. Linda Leathley says:

    Hello everyone,
    For the past year or more there has been discussion about full-time faculty members at one institution holding a second faculty level position at another institution for the specfic purpose of apply to and holding research grants at that university. UBC currently does not have a faculty level position (through Faculty Relations) that allows this. The VPRI is looking to change this and this may be the way of the future. I would appreciate any thoughts or comments on this.

    • Barb Conway says:

      This sounds a little like an adjunct position. Policy 42 has the details about term appointments and it looks, on first glance, like an adjunct appointment would be sufficient unless there are rules stating that an individual cannot hold adjunct appointments at more than one institution. I have a couple of questions:

      1. Why is an adjunct appointment not sufficient? Or is a F/T tenured (or tenure-track) Faculty member at another university not eligible to hold an adjunct appointment at UBC?

      2. Is this being considered as a way to simplify applications or university accounting for larger group grants?

      3. Will this mean an increased administrative workload in terms of ethics approvals, filing conflict of interest/commitment, etc., or will the institutions agree to recognize each others’ approval processes?

      Just a few thoughts.

  6. Dawn McArthur says:

    Important: Renewed Common CCV announcement
    see this link for information http://www.commoncv.net/renewal_e.html

    also posted on CIHR news to highlight CIHR-specific changes

    (nothing yet on NSERC or SSHRC news posts)

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