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  1. Christy says:

    Advice on writing a CFI LEF and NIF

    If anyone worked on a CFI LEF (Leading Edge Fund) or NIF (New Initiatives Fund) in the last round, could you let me know? Iā€™m looking for strategic advice on how to craft an application.

  2. hi Christy,
    I have 10 years of experience with CFI, including LEF and NIF; please let me know if I can offer assistance.

  3. Cynthia Hsieh says:

    I am currently working on a TLEF application for one of my faculty members. I would appreciate some insight into what the TLEF is looking for specifically, or the kinds of projects they have funded in the past. If you have had experience with a funded TLEF, could you please give me some information on the strengths of your proposal?

  4. Anna says:

    Re – TLEF:
    A list of previously funded TLEF projects, organized by year, is available at: http://tlef.ubc.ca/previously-funded-proposals/

    Law’s funded TLEF project predates my work as a grants facilitator.

  5. Brenda Wessel says:

    There is a workshop for the TLEF scheduled for Oct 19th from 12-1:30Seminar Room 2.22 in the TAG Offices, on the second floor of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. I attended this last year and found it very helpful.

  6. Cynthia Hsieh says:

    Hi Anna – thanks for the info, although I’ve already seen the list of funded projects. I was hoping that each project title would be linked to an abstract or summary of the proposal. That way, I would have a better idea of what the project actually entailed.

    I’m planning to attend the workshop on the 19th and hope it will be helpful.

    Thanks everyone for the comments.

  7. Ariadna Fernandez says:

    Grants and Proposals: Writing for Success (BCPW562)

    I noticed that SFU Vancouver is offering a course called “Grants and Proposals: Writing for Success” in May 2011. The instructor is Vlad Konieczny and it was formally a WRIT 231 class.

    I’m not sure if anyone has taken this course before, but I thought it might be of interest to our group.

    Cheers, Ariadna

  8. Dawn McArthur says:

    hi.. this course is from the Writing & Publishing program and so focuses fully on language aspects only. If someone is interested in improving English skills, it might be helpful.
    (The instructor is not a grant facilitator; the facilitators don’t take this course)

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