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  1. Alison Ariss says:

    I’ve received a question about whether or not there will be any workshops at UBC for Post Doctoral fellows, to learn more about PD funding opportunities, and how to apply for them. As I don’t work with PDFs, I’m wondering if anyone else does, and if you can advise as to how/where I may direct this individual for support?


  2. Christy McTait says:

    Hi Alison,

    There is a new Post Doctoral Fellows Office in the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Visit http://www.grad.ubc.ca/postdocs for more information including funding opps and workhshops. FYI, I’ve been forwarding trainee funding opps to Hourik Khanlian in this office and have suggested she sign-up for our Funding Opps RSS feed to access future postings on our website.


  3. Dawn McArthur says:

    All of our CFRI workshops are open to PDFs (sometimes from off-site). Also the Faculty of Medicine hosts an integrated PDF development series at which PDFs from other areas could probably attend, if desired. See http://www.med.ubc.ca/research/st_postdocs/Professional_Development_Series.htm

  4. Theresa Liao says:

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for potential funding for a professor emeritus from from physics & astronomy to attend a rather important meeting (we think) on statistics (the ISI 58th Congress). He has been asked to give an invited paper in the Invited Papers section IPS26 on Astrostatistics. We are wondering whether there is any funding out there that we can apply for to cover his travel expenses? Alternative perhaps there are other groups/offices on campus that I can approach to inquire about this?

    Thanks in advance for your help!!

    Theresa Liao
    Communications Coordinator
    Department of Physics & Astronomy

  5. Theresa Liao says:

    Hello everyone,

    A faculty member in the department is planning to submit a LOI for the France-Canada Research Fund (LOI deadline Nov 15). It seems that a detailed budget is not required at this stage. However, if one passes the LOI stage, one “will be required to provide a detailed application & budget to the French Embassy in Ottawa by January 31, 2011.”

    We are just wondering what a detailed application & budget entails so that we can have an idea and decide whether to go ahead with the LOI.

    I am wondering whether anyone here has assisted in submitting a full application to this competition and can provide some information?

    Thanks in advance!

    Theresa Liao
    Communications Coordinator
    Department of Physics & Astronomy

  6. Robert Olaj says:


    I’m meeting on June 7 with a potential applicant to SSHRC’s Aid to Scholarly Journals grant (deadline June 30) and I was wondering if anyone has experience with developing a proposal for this initiative (if so, I’d like to chat with you) and, possibly, if they’d be able and willing to share a copy of a successful proposal.

    Many thanks,


    Robert Olaj | Research Development and Grant Facilitator
    Office of Graduate Programs and Research
    Faculty of Education | University of British Columbia
    2125 Main Mall, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z4
    ph: 604-822-0580 / robert.olaj@ubc.ca

  7. Merrilee Hughes says:


    Does anyone have experience requesting extensions from CHSRF? As extensions are not automatic and CHSRF has quite specific requirements for granting extensions, I would love to see an example of a successful request.


    Merrilee Hughes, BMLSc, MJ
    Scholarly Development & Grant Facilitator
    School of Nursing, University of British Columbia
    email: onrts “at” nursing.ubc.ca

  8. FYI — Q&A with SSHRC Program Officer re: IDG and IG

    1. Post Docs / phD’s can apply; so can they hold a SSHRC Insight Grant as a Post Doc / phD?

    No, Post Docs / phD’s are ineligible to hold a SSHRC Insight Grant.

    Program Officer comments:
    This has been clarified on the website: http://www.sshrc-crsh.gc.ca/funding-financement/programs-programmes/insight_grants-subventions_savoir-eng.aspx

    “Postdoctoral fellows/researchers are eligible to be applicants for an Insight Grant. However, in order for SSHRC to release grant funds, successful applicants must formally establish an affiliation with an eligible Canadian postsecondary institution within five months of the grant start date (i.e., by September 2012 for the current competition), and maintain such an affiliation for the duration of the grant period.” [Essentially, to “formally establish an affiliation with an eligible … institution” means that the applicant must hold a Faculty posting.]

    Detailed information regarding SSHRC eligibility can be found using the link above. Further excerpts are below.

    “In the case of individuals applying for SSHRC grants, the applicant is also the principal investigator / project director and has primary responsibility for the intellectual direction of the research or research-related activity, and assumes administrative responsibility for the grant….. Applicants may not be employed as an assistant or associate for a research program directed by another researcher.”

    2. Is extra funding given to applications associate with the Priority Areas? Therefore, are your chances of success higher if you identify with one of these areas?

    The website does not provide any detail: “In certain cases, priorities have been identified for additional support, a more tailored adjudication, or both.” http://www.sshrc-crsh.gc.ca/funding-financement/umbrella_programs-programme_cadre/insight-savoir-eng.aspx

    Program Officer comments:
    • IDG – No additional funding targeted to aps submitted under priority areas.
    • IG – They are not sure what will happen in the fall yet it is likely that a bit of money will be allocated specifically to applications which are applicable to the priority areas. They are in the process in updating the Insight umbrella; specifically, the wording around priority areas. Budget related to Priority Areas would cover gamete of funding opportunities (Connection and Insight). Currently SSHRC is gathering input from community to learn what is emerging? In the next 2-3 years, it may not even be called priority areas.

    3. IDG and IG order of application was not clearly communicated resulting in some researchers being ineligible for any of the Insight programs for one full year. Any comments or special provisions?

    Program Officer comments:
    • The calendar rule regarding IDG and IG multiple applications was sent to the CAURA list, it is in the Insight Development grant program description, and the FAQ’s. No special allowances will be given.
    • Note that researchers can hold both an IDG and IG if the projects are different (similar to the RDI and SRG).

    4. Clarification on 1-year extension and re-application if there is still money left over.

    Program Officer comments:
    Research A, working on project A, has a grant that ends March 2012. Regardless of if there is money left over or not (1 year automatic extension), to continue their program of research, they would apply Oct 15, 2011.

    5. Panel membership – recruitment and recognition?

    Program Officer comments:
    Start by re-inviting people that sat on panels previous years. Committees must have diverse representation in the following areas: geographic, institutional, gender, areas of expertise, and language. Preference is towards those with a history of successful grants. No allowance or grant extension is given. Feel free to forward recommendations to the respective Program Officer.

  9. Robert Olaj says:


    Hello Everyone,

    Apologies in advance for cross-posting. I just learned today that UBC Library and the Office of Research Services will be ending their joint-partnership in funding access to the Community of Science (COS). Access will end July 31. This means no free access to a number of COS’s research support services (COS Funding Opportunities; COS Funding Alerts; COS Papers Invited; COS Scholar Universe; and COS Pivot, formerly COS Expertise).

    I have been in contact with Teresa Lee, UBC E-Resource & Access Librarian, who made the announcement, and she welcomes comments about the decision, particularly from UBC research development personnel/grants facilitators. If any of you have comments about how this absence of this service will affect your job or other aspects of research infrastructure support, please send her an email at teresa.lee@ubc.ca Teresa will collect comments to forward to the Associate University Librarian for Collections Management so that if there is an opportunity to revisit this decision in the future, there is evidence to support another subscription.

    I have already shared my concern over how the loss of COS’s Research Funding Opportunities RSS service will remove a robust and valuable grant database that I often use to hunt down new research funding opportunities.

    Thanks and best regards to all,


    Robert Olaj | Research Development and Grant Facilitator
    Office of Graduate Programs and Research
    Faculty of Education | University of British Columbia
    2125 Main Mall, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z4
    ph: 604-822-0580 / robert.olaj@ubc.ca

  10. The Peter Wall Institute announces changes to its funding programs in 2014-15. Some programs have been consolidated to streamline application procedures. The following programs are offered:
    Wall Scholar Awards – deadline March 1, 2014
    International Visiting Research Scholars – deadline March 1, 2014
    International Research Roundtable Awards – deadline March 1, 2014

    For more information please go to: http://pwias.ubc.ca/programs-awardees/program-deadlines/

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