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  1. Christy says:

    Location at Point Grey for a Workshop

    Can anyone suggest a good location at Point Grey for a workshop for 20-40 researchers with one large room and three smaller breakout rooms? I have a small budget, but would prefer to use free rooms if possible. Thanks for any suggestions!

    • Linda says:

      There are various places around campus. Classroom Services has access to many rooms so they may be able to help you. I have used Woodward IRC lecture halls and classrooms there. There is also Green College, Michael Smith, and CFIS has various places. Let me know the date and times and I can check out whether we have any facilites you can use. I know there is also various rooms in Education so you may want to check with Robert just in case he can help.

  2. Alison Ariss says:

    Courier Service Satisfaction and UBC Supply Management
    I was made aware of a courier issue recently, from an NSERC applicant. From that event I learned about UBC Supply Management and thought their information and services may be of interest to those who handle any couriers. You may already be aware of Supply Management, and if not, here is what they offer:

    1. There are preferred vendors for courier service within Canada, to the States and international. Here is the link to Supply Management who deals with the couriers:

    2. If you have issues with a courier (positive or negative) Supply Management wants to hear about it. They have a website link for your feedback, and they want UBC faculty and staff to keep them in the loop as to the quality of service: http://www.supplymanagement.ubc.ca/Customs/documents/Feedback.htm


  3. Brenda Wessel says:

    Can anyone assist me in a US dept. of defense grant submission? I was just asked to facilitate this grant submission which is due Friday and I have never submitted to DOD, I am on the first of many forms and have run into a required field and cannot find where I can find the necessary information. Specifically on form SF 424 box 17

  4. Robert Olaj says:

    Hello GF web site team. I love the look and functionality of the site and the potential for knowledge sharing and community building that it represents. Well done.

    I have a request for an info filtering tool. One thing that really interests me is the ability to quickly identify GFs with experience in applying to particular funding agencies/sponsors. Is there a system or filter that can be developed that would allow a visitor to list or choose a sponsor/program, then get a list of contacts with self-declared experience with the chosen sponsor? Right now one must open the profile of each and every GF and read the “expertise” paragraph.

    Perhaps the search function on the home page is the answer. I just tried it using “CFI” as an example, but nothing came up…

    Anyway, great site. I look forward to contributing resources to the templates and tools section.



    • Ariadna says:

      Thanks Robert!

      It’s great to see people using the site and leaving us comments and suggestions!

      This is a very good suggestion we will definitely find a way to improve searchable of the directory.

      Thanks again.


      • Linda says:

        Thank you so much to Christy and her team for hosting the workshop yesterday. I can away learning so much more than the functionality of the workshop. It would be wonderful to do another workshop that focuses on the websources and tools that are available to us that was discussed yesterday i.e. twitter, delicious, Google, rrs feeds, and more. I am new to many of these options and would love to hear about them some more. Thanks again and thanks to everyone who braved the rain to attend.

  5. Linda says:

    The Centre for Japanese Research, located with the Liu Centre, CFIS, is interested in knowing what faculty members at UBC may be doing research on Japan but are not already affiliated with the Centre. ORS was able to send me information based on sponsor and title but, I was wondering if there are other researchers out there that are not captured for various reseason. Please contact me if you researchers in your area that are doing any kind of research that involves Japan.

  6. Anna Holeton says:

    Professor Shigenori Matsui, of UBC’s Faculty of Law does research relating to Japan. His research interests are: Constitutional law; Mass Media Law; Information Law; Internet Law ; Japanese Law; and Law and Medicine. See: his profile at:

  7. Rita Jekabsons says:

    Can anyone suggest strategies for encouraging team-based research in the social sciences? This particular group are tenure-track/tenured and don’t really see the need to have an extensive, team-based research program. How can I make them see the light? :)

  8. Theresa Liao says:

    This is probably more about scholarships than grants, but perhaps someone knows…

    Does anyone know of any program that provides funding for an international (from France) undergraduate student to come to Canada to work for a few months (April to June 2010)? The field is physics. Most of the programs are for graduate school, or have one year term. If you know of anything please let me know. Thanks!!

    Theresa Liao
    Communications Coordinator
    Physics & Astronomy

  9. Alison Ariss says:

    Hi Facilitators,

    I received the message below, requesting to be part of a research group. Does anyone have the abilty to conenct this person to the right contact at UBC? I’m not familar with any MS research at UBC/in Vancouver.

    Her email is: claudette slaney [cslaney@crrstv.net]

    “My name is claudette slaney Iam 41 years old and living in labrador city newfoundland and labrador, I was told that I have ms in septerber of 2009,Iam woundering if i can be part of your research group for ccsvi.
    I hope this reaches the right person if not could you forward it to the right person.

    claudette slaney”


  10. Dawn McArthur says:

    hi everyone…
    With others from UBC, Janice Eng and I are honoured to be among the 2010 nominees for the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards. This year, the YWCA has added a new online activity called the Connecting the Community Award. For this activity, the YWCA has created a ‘voting’ site http:/www.ywcavan.org/content/Vote_/1147, at which the names/bios of the nominees are posted.

    After a month of voting, one nominee will receive the Connecting the Community Award and — most importantly — the YWCA program she chose will receive $10,000. All of the YWCA programs provide essential support for women, children and families in Vancouver, so this is a very good opportunity to show that the community cares.

    If this interests you, please vote for any nominee — once or often — you are allowed to vote once a day until Friday, May 28 at noon.

    Thanks very much!

  11. Ariadna Fernandez says:

    PDF into a URL…

    Does anyone know how to turn a PDF into a url? I can’t remember how to do this and we have some pdfs we would like to post on the grant facilitation page.

    Cheers, Ariadna

  12. Barb Conway says:

    Does anyone have experience with the Institute for Strategic Funding Development? They are hosting a Strategic Grant Development Proposal Workshop at UBC on December 6-8. I am not familiar with this group.

    • Dawn McArthur says:

      hi Barb,
      this seems to be the new incarnation of the former “Grants Institute”, which gave workshops (expensive ones) located at (not always hosted by) various institutions in the US and Canada. I’ve known a few people who have attended, and found it to be ok but not great; it was mainly targeted at NGO/non-profit orgs and mainly US-focused $ sources.

  13. Sarah says:

    Hi grant facilitators,

    I will be moving into a grant facilitation role in the next month or so from a more administrative position and I was wondering if any of you would be willing to share a job description with me to help set out the language around my new role.

    Looking forward to collaborating!


  14. Robert Olaj says:

    Hello to UBC Grant Facilitators & Research Development Folks,

    Over the last several months there appears to have been a renewed emphasis at UBC on recruiting and supporting Post-Doctoral Fellows, as evidenced by the creation of the Post-Doctoral Fellows Office in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at UBC-V last year. I’m wondering if any of you have responsibility for supporting PDFs, either in the development of applications for fellowships or in any other capacity. I’m reviewing my portfolio next week and support to PDFs will be on the table (I currently do not provide support for PDFs). Please feel free to contact me directly, or through this forum.

    Many thanks!


    Robert Olaj
    Research Development and Grant Facilitator
    Office of Graduate Programs and Research
    Faculty of Education
    University of British Columbia
    2125 Main Mall
    Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z4
    604.822.0580 Fax: 604.822.8971

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