Identify Funding Opportunities

Identifying new funding opportunities is a defining aspect of a grant facilitator’s role. This presents an ongoing challenge because funding opportunities come in all shapes and sizes (operating funds, salary awards, multi-year renewable, one-time), are announced at varying times (annually, ad hoc) and come from a variety of sources (local, provincial, national and international agencies, institutions, foundations, networks).

To do well as a grant facilitator, you must have a working knowledge of the researcher’s projects and understand what the researcher’s programs are (i.e. how all of the individual projects relate and what the bigger research picture is).

There are many ways to find out about new funding opportunities. To get started:

Use Technology to Save Time

Visiting the websites of relevant funding agencies and searching out new funding opportunities takes time. Many online tools have been developed to organize information and help you increase your efficiency at gathering information. Some applications even bring the funding information to you. For example, you can:

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  1. Lainna El Jabi says:

    Just a quick note that COS is no longer available at UBC.

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