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Most grant application packages are made up three sections: the CV, budget and research modules. The CV module is often the most overlooked, but for reasons stated below, you should try hard to give this section the attention it deserves.

Establishing Credibility

The CV module is an important component of the grant application package because investigators have the opportunity to establish their credibility. The strength of the research team is critical to the success of a grant application. If the reviewers are not convinced that each member of the team is necessary, and that the team is capable of conducting the research, the project will not be funded.

Team members must strive to prove their individual worth so that as a whole, the strength of the team is emphasized. Investigators demonstrate their authority in a particular research area by providing evidence in the form of their educational background, publication and presentation records, knowledge translation and outreach activities, and more.

CV requirements vary according to funding agency, funding opportunity, and/or stage of the application process. Information to be included in or attached to the CV may include:

  • Funds Requested and Funds Currently Held (i.e. a list of funding applications that are pending or under review, and of those grants that are currently active)
  • Most Significant Contributions (i.e. a list of contributions the applicant feels have made an impact such as awards / recognition for research, publications)

Read the funding opportunity announcement carefully to determine the proper CV format for the competition.

Common CV

The Common CV (CCV) is a web-based tool for managing career information. The most useful aspect of the CCV, apart from its function as a personal data repository, is that it is customizable. Funding agencies (e.g., CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC, MSFHR) become members of the Common CV network. When you apply to a funding opportunity issued by one of these agencies, preparing the CV is simply a matter of checking that the information needs of the particular funding agency you’re applying to are being met by data previously entered in the system.

First time users should:

  • click Help in the lefthand menu
  • click the Essential Instructions and Effective Use of the Common CV links to access information on getting started

Note: These documents can also be accessed after logging into the Common CV. See the Help section in the righthand menu.

Common CV Guidelines

The  guidelines step you through the process of filling out the online CV forms, and generating and formatting the CV attachments.

To access the guidelines:

  • log into the CCV network
  • click on one of the sections  (e.g., Identification, Contact Information, etc) in the main menu – the funding agencies that have specific requirements for each section will appear

Click on the name of the funding agency you are applying to and follow the instructions.

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