Carefully crafted budgets demonstrate the depth of thought that a researcher has put into the design, implementation and management of a project. Try looking through the eyes of a reviewer and asking yourself these questions when helping with budget development:

  • Can the project be completed with this budget?
  • Are costs reasonable – not too low or high?
  • Is the budget consistent with proposed activities (in the Methods section of the proposal)?
  • Is there sufficient budget detail and explanation?

The templates, tools, and references included here will help you identify, estimate, and organize project costs.

For more information about budget preparation, visit the Prepare a Budget section.


Visit the GoogleDocs Templates Database or the Microsoft Templates Database for more budget templates.


A strong budget verifies the cost of line items by showing how realistic cost estimates were arithmetically determined. The following websites may be useful in completing this essential task.

Staff Costs





Responses to “Budgets”

  1. Helen Chiu says:

    Where would we find the “CIHR budget template”? Please advise. Thanks!

  2. Christy McTait says:

    Hi Helen,

    I just checked the CIHR website for the list of “funding related forms” (http://www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/797.html). However, CIHR no longer seems to list items like budget module.

    So I think the only way to access the budget module is to go into ResearchNet and select the funding opportunity you’re interested in. Once you’ve entered “Period of Support Requested” in the “Enter Project Information – Project Details” section, then the budget template will be generated in the “Enter Budget Information and Supporting Documents” task.

    Hope this helps.

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